The elegant fusion of Thai and European artistry with highly skilled hand-embroidery and Guipure lace hand-appliqué techniques upon Thai brocade, cloqué and jacquard have contributed to a distinctly harmonious creation perfectly suitable for a contemporary and elegant lifestyle.

Silhouettes: Fluid hourglass – structured top half and billowy bottom half, a-line and pleated.

Details: Textural Guipure lace appliquéd and embroidered to create three-dimensional flowers on the body.

Colour Tones: Mainly pastel colours e.g. pale pink, lavender, and cool aqua – sometimes glittered with gold braids; fashionable arts of Thai and European cultures are blended to provide warm and strong influences.

Fabrics: Varieties range from gold-braided fabrics, to Thai brocade, jacquard, cloqué, chiffon and to organza. Solid and transparent, diaphanous fabrics are blended together in harmony.

Runway video